Man accidentally creates meme with 'hipster' profile pic

When Ivor Noyek uploaded a new profile picture to Facebook, he probably didn't think this would happen.

Ivor's hipster pose sent the internet into a spin spawning dozens of memes of him photoshopped in various locations.

And mock-ups quickly popped up of him everywhere from the Disney film the Lion King to the John Lewis advert and racing Usain Bolt.

Giving Usain Bolt a run for his money. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing

Such as Ivor's popularity he now even has his own Tumblr page Ivor Is Coming.

On Facebook, Ivor, who lives in New York, joked he was now "signing autographs, living dreams".

And his self-proclaimed '****head pose' even got him interviewed on Irish radio.

Here are some of the best #ivoriscoming memes:

Ivor gets ready to fight zombies in Shaun of the Dead. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing
Prancing around with Riverdance star Michael Flatley. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing
Following the yellow brick road. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing
Making a cheeky appearance at The Last Supper. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing
Dicing with death in Indiana Jones. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing
Casually strolling the wrong way down Abbey Road. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing
Breaking the internet more than Kim. Credit: Tumblr/IvorIsComing

To see even more head to the Ivor Is Coming Tumblr page here