Good Morning Britain team perform Wham! hit Last Christmas for Text Santa

Piers Morgan gives Susannah Reid a gift Credit: GMB

The Good Morning Britain team have been showing their support for Text Santa by performing their own version of the Wham! hit Last Christmas.

But Piers Morgan did not seem too happy with his acting stint, branding the video - which saw him compete with Ben Shephard in wooing Susanna Reid - "career-ending".

All the GMB team could be seen getting into the Yuletide spirit Credit: GMB

All the GMB team could be seen getting into the Yuletide spirit in their garish knitwear, drinking red wine, pulling crackers, eating Christmas pudding and exchanging presents in the send-up of the famous festive song.

Then viewers saw both Morgan and Shephard gift Reid badges expressing their love, with Shephard's a sparkly Christmas tree, and Morgan's three kisses in a row.

But as she fingered both gifts, the pair realised Reid was playing the two of them and she was left carrying a pair of skis alone while the team hit the slopes.

The team wore their jumpers as part of a day of sketches and reminders across the ITV schedule of Christmas Jumper Day on December 18, which will be raising money for the channel's Text Santa appeal.

Amanda Holden got in on the action as she joined them on the sofa to talk about meeting children in Nepal. She arrived brandishing a branch of mistletoe before proceeding to kiss Reid on the cheek and planting a smacker on Morgan's lips.

Susannah Reid is left to carry her own skis Credit: GMB

Phillip Schofield will pop up in every programme on ITV's schedule throughout the day as part of his #PipKnit campaign, where he will don a different Christmas jumper with each appearance.

The idea this year is that we've gone much more subtle and, in the true style of Where's Wally between 6am and 12am, I'm going to appear in every ITV show in some shape or form but not speaking, not a big role, just subtly somewhere within that show.

Phillip Schofield
The team ate Christmas pudding and drank red wine Credit: GMB

Schofield teased about his forthcoming appearances: "I think I've played quite an important part in The Jeremy Kyle Show, very subtle, very small. A bit of an ambition that I might be somewhere in Emmerdale, got a bit musical in one show. Judge Rinder is a show I never imagined I'd be part of."I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! was difficult because it's obviously in Australia... We've done it differently with I'm A Celebrity and it's very subtle and very quick."