Here's what the world wants to ask President Obama about climate change

President Obama is one of the most influential figures attending the conference. Credit: Reuters

President Obama is just one of the high-profile world leaders who have come to Paris for talks on how to regulate and cut carbon dioxide emissions. But he is arguably the most influential.

ITV News and the Public Media Alliance have asked people from across the globe to pose their questions to President Obama in a series of videos as he takes part in the UN Climate Conference.

And here's what the world wants to ask him about climate change.

'Why is there money for war, but not our climate?' (Syria)

It's the government's obligation to save lives, wouldn't it be a better idea to put all the money into saving lives, into climate change, into saving our world?


'We need change now, not later' (Thailand)

Enough with the talking about climate change - we need change now! You need to bring about that change.


'Are we doing enough to protect Africa?' (South Africa)

Is the international community doing enough to make a continent like Africa aware of the effects of climate change?

South Africa

'How long will life be safe for us?' (Phillipines)

How long will it be safe for us to live in the Philippines?


ITV News and the Public Media Alliance - a global association of public service providers - made the global appeal for questions for President Obama in an attempt to find out how climate change is affecting communities across the world.