Hollywood actor Steven Seagal offered job to train Serbian special police

Credit: PA Images

Veteran American actor and film director Steven Seagal has been offered a job to train special police forces in Serbia.

While on a three-day-visit to Belgrade, Mr Seagal has been asked to teach officers Aikido - a Japanese martial art the actor is famous for in his blockbuster movies.

Mr Seagal has received the royal treatment during his stay in the Serbian capital, including meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and the country's pro-Russian president, Tomislav Nikolic.

Serbia - a traditional Russian ally - has officially sought EU membership but has been struggling to overcome strong opposition from pro-Kremlin nationalists.

While in Belgrade, Mr Seagal, 63, received an award from the Belgrade-based Brothers Karic Foundation for his humanitarian work and said he was proud to get the same honour that Mr Putin was once given.

The head of the Karic family, Bogoljub Karic, was given asylum in Russia after he fled Serbia when its previous government charged him with corruption and the embezzlement of millions of dollars in state funds.