Climate change: People from across the globe explain how they are affected

A man from Kiribati fears that his country will soon be submerged by rising sea levels Credit: ITV News/Public Media Alliance

Communities around the world have produced videos highlighting how climate change is affecting them and their concerns for the future.

ITV News and the Public Media Alliance have asked people from across the globe to create the videos to coincide with the UN Climate Conference in Paris.

The responses spanned all continents and highlighted concerns from rising sea levels and famine to the threat of drought.


For farmers living below these mountains it means flooding in the spring and drought in the summer.

Resident, Armenia

South Africa

Cattle [are] dying. My family is not able to produce enough food, not only to sustain themselves but the community at large.

Resident, South Africa


How can we survive in our country for the next 20 years?

Resident, Tonga


Our country is made up of many tiny islands... We have been told that in a few years time our little country will be covered by sea water.

Resident, Kiribati