Cameron will wish he never used the phrase 'terrorist sympathisers'

I rather suspect - if he could choose his words again - David Cameron would not have called those who oppose airstrikes in Syria "terrorist sympathisers".

The remarks were made last night when the Prime Minister addressed Conservative backbenchers in a Commons committee room.

As I write, 12 MPs have raised it during interventions to Mr Cameron's speech - I suspect there will have been more by the time you read this.

They include:

  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

  • Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond

  • Labour MP Caroline Flint

  • SNP MPs John Nicholson and Tasmin Ahmed-Sheikh

  • Labour MP Gisela Stuart

  • Labour MP Emily Thornberry

  • Labour MP John Woodcock

  • Labour MP John Mann

  • Lib Dem MP Tom Brake

He has associated himself with the 'motherly advice' of Gisela Stuart MP who urged him to withdraw them.

He has said he 'respects' all sides of the argument - but he hasn't apologised.

And he must now be wishing he hadn't said it in the first place.