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Violence erupts between refugees and police at Greece and Macedonian border

By Vania Turner

Violence has erupted between migrants and Macedonian police at the border between Greece and Macedonia.

Tear gas was fired in the direction of the men Credit: ITV News

About 200 men, mostly from Pakistan and Morocco, attempted to storm into the Balkan country, after being denied legal passage into Greece's neighbour.

Macedonian police entered Greek territory, confronting the migrants in a field, firing tear gas and stun-grenades to block their way into Macedonia.

One officer fired three warning shots in the air, and pointed a gun to a group of migrants that were attempting to cross into the country.

Shortly after the migrants dispersed and returned to the camp.

Police attempt to block refugees from crossing the border into Macedonia Credit: ITV News

Around 1500 men have been stranded on the 'grey zone' in a makeshift transit camp, between Greece and Macedonia for about two weeks, after a decision was made to allow only Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi immigrants to cross the border.

Hundreds have been stranded in the 'grey zone' between the two countries Credit: ITV News

"I am becoming sick", Pillal 27 from Pakistan said, "I have been here for two weeks, sleeping outside in the cold. Why are they keeping us here? No more. Today is the day we cross".

After attempting and failing to break through the fence and enter Macedonia, hundreds of men started walking west parallel to the fence towards Serbia, hoping to reach the end of the 4km fence, and find an alternative route to continue their journey north.

In another video, a large group of men can be seen attempting to push through a line of heavily-armed police and then quickly running away.

Credit: ITV News

Upon return to the camp a group of men from Pakistan and Morocco, attempted to seal the border entirely for everyone. "If we can't pass, no one will", they said. "This isn't fair".

Shortly after Greek police dismantled the group and the tension subsided.