Gary Neville: I could not turn down Valencia opportunity

Gary Neville is the new Valencia boss. Credit: PA

New Valencia boss Gary Neville said the opportunity to manage the Primera Division club was too good to pass up.

The former Manchester United defender was presented to the world's media on Thursday afternoon after agreeing to take charge until the end of the campaign.

Neville, who confirmed brother Phil and former Valencia player Miguel Angel Angulo as his coaches, is determined to make the most of his short-term role.

He said: "When I received the call on Sunday evening I thought 'what a football club' and 'what a challenge'. I think, from my point of view, sitting on television these last few years talking about coaches, the time has come for me to stand up.

"If I'd turned down this job is to have said goodbye to my credibility."

He added: "I'm incredibly excited to be here. I understand and respect the huge responsibilities that I've been given.

"I understand from playing here at this very stadium years ago the passion and the pride of the fans. The atmosphere and intimidation is something I want to harness.

"I'm very aware of the traditions at Valencia and how they play. I've played against some excellent Valencia players.

"I need to appraise the players over the next couple of weeks and it's important to pick the right team and style to win games."

Neville believes his biggest challenge will be learning Spanish, allowing him to talk to the players.

“Spanish will be my biggest challenge. I will take lessons every day.

“I can’t find a teacher at the moment who gets up at 6am every day so if you know someone then let me know!

“Philip’s spanish, in terms of communicating with the players, is fantastic and that’s what I want to get to.”

Miguel Angel Angulo will join the coaching staff. Credit: PA

England assistant Neville has praised the support he has received from the Football Association and Roy Hodgson.

“In terms of the FA and the England football team, when I spoke to Roy he was incredibly supportive and he understood completely the opportunity for myself.

“He was behind me 100%, we have the two games in march during the international break so from my point of view, I wanted to complete my job through to the European Championships but I want people to know that Valencia is my priority 95-99% of the time.”