Kylie's new Christmas single given truly 80s remix in comeback for producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman

Credit: PA/Kylie Minogue

Global pop icon Kylie released her long-awaited Christmas album Kylie Christmas a few weeks ago - including one penned by Coldplay's Chris Martin, Every Day's Like Christmas.

Now, the song has been given a full 80s makeover by legendary music producers Pete Waterman, Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, who were responsible for much of that iconic disco sound.

It is the first single release for the trio in almost 25 years - and they sat down with ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar to talk about their comeback.

They admitted they had to keep asking if Kylie was sure what she wanted - the instructions for Stock Aitken and Waterman, the giants of 80s pop, was to make her new Christmas single sound like it was straight out of 1987, the very essence of their musical sound.

So they did the business with her single Every Day's Like Christmas, written by Chris Martin from Coldplay. And hey, it sounds like a Stock, Aitken and Waterman song!

For now, this was a one-off reunion for the trio - Pete Waterman, Mike Stock and Matt Aitken - and instead of going into a studio with the star and creating the sound, much of it was done remotely, on computers, the song dissected and the essential SAW sound added.

But, says Waterman, it still essentially took the same amount of time - three days - as the old-fashioned methods they used with drum machines, synthesisers and sequencers back in their 80s heyday.

Technology is not Waterman's thing, he cheerfully admits when I meet him and Stock - Aitken was working away - in the south-east London offices which have always been the headquarters of the SAW music machine.

What's great now, they say, is that they can actually enjoy the response to their music instantly via social media, rather than missing out on enjoying their moment decades ago, when no sooner had they brought out one Kylie single, than they were busy working on the next Bananarama single.

Their productivity in the 80s and early 90s was incredible - the trio were quite simply some of the most successful hitmakers in music history. They had 70 top ten hits, 13 number ones and sales of over 40 million.

To their critics - and there were many from inside the music industry - they simply point out their record sales. No one made those people go out and buy the records, they say - and in those days, of course, you literally did have to go out and buy the songs from a store.

Sitting with them I got the impression they were enjoying their comeback so much, this might be another start for them.

Yes, they both say, they might well make this a bit more than a one off - but if they do they'd be making fresh pop music rather than working with all the roster of stars they helped to create back in their heyday.

Kylie, though, is a special case for them."'The three wise men", she has said on social media about the music producers she's once more teamed up with.

So get ready - the hit factory looks very much like they may be back in business, thanks to a musical liason with the singer whose music career they launched, and who in return helped them begin their phenomenally successful careers.