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Police probe death threats against Labour MPs after Syria vote

Police are looking into a number of online threats made to MPs following a vote on whether to extend airstrikes against the so-called Islamic State into Syria.

Watch the report by Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship:

A number of Labour MPs said they had received death threats and abuse via social media and -email over their vote.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told ITV News that officers were aware of the threats and were assessing their nature.

Ann Coffey

Ann Coffey Credit: ITV News

They varied from being so abusive I can't possibly repeat them to just the usual abuse warmonger, killer of babies, blood on your hands.

I'm worried about how it affects parliamentary democracy that MPs are bullied and intimidated.

Many of my colleagues suffered much worse than me, how does that help decision making how does it help the public to trust in the democratic system.

– Ann Coffey

Stella Creasy

Stella Creasy Credit: PA

Labour backbencher Stella Creasy said her staff were facing abuse during the debate on the airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday.

For Christ's sake - I want to listen to debate in chamber but people ringing my office abusing my staff so dipping out to check ok!".

– Stella Creasy

Hilary Benn

Hilary Benn Credit: PA

One tweet read: "Hilary Benn will never walk the streets of Leeds unprotected again. #criminal #Tory"

Others messaged the shadow foreign secretary to tell him he had let his father Tony Benn down and that he had betrayed his party with the pro-bombing speech.

John Mann

John Mann Credit: PA

John Mann said he was on the receiving end of abuse despite making clear he will vote against bombing, blaming inaccurate lists of supposed rebels being circulated among opponents of air strikes.

It is deliberate bullying. I have received tweets and emails, some are random but some seem to be orchestrated by groups both inside and outside the party.

Threats of de-selection are at the mild end of it. There is every kind of name-calling you can think of.

There is no place in the Labour Party for people who are going to abuse others in the run-up to an important debate and vote.

– John Mann

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor

John McDonnell Credit: PA

I had a death threat for not voting for the war.

– John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor

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