Lenny Henry has received a knighthood at Windsor Castle for his services to drama and charity.

After receiving his medal, the Dudley-born comedian told ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar: "I'm absolutely honoured to be here, it's wonderful."

He also admitted that he had found the build-up to the ceremony was "exhausting" but the event itself "was mind-blowing".

"When you're standing there waiting with the man, you suddenly sober up and go well actually this is quite a serious thing."

He added that said it was a recognition for everyone who has supported him and Comic Relief, the charity he co-founded, over the years.

"Huge respect to everybody who has ever had anything to do with my progress really, it's a wonderful honour and it's for them, the people of Dudley and my family."

Sir Lenny Henry poses with his medal. Credit: PA

Sir Lenny also joked that if he ever falls into a canal while wearing his medal, "I'm going down".

Other people who were honoured at the ceremony include the actor Martin Clunes, and Olympic rower Sarah Winckless.