Record-breaking rainfall in the UK

. Credit: Environment Agency

As a deep low pressure system, also known as Storm Desmond, swept through Britain on Friday and into Saturday gales and damaging gusts brought disruption to parts of the north and west including Scotland and Wales.

But it was Cumbria that bore the brunt of the relentless, heavy rainfall.

. Credit: Environment Agency

Provisional figures from a rain gauge in Honister in Cumbria have shown that 341mm (over 13 inches) of rain fell in 24 hours - potentially a record breaking amount and more rain than seen during the devastating floods of 2009 and 2005 in the same area.

And it appears there is more wet weather on the way as after a drier, calmer respite today - the flood waters and river levels will continue to rise in the coming 24 hours as further rain filtrates from the hills and mountains onto lower ground.

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