UK to decide whether to join Bond-esque EU DNA database

This is like the stuff you see in James Bond or Homeland, one of those ideas where you wonder why on earth we're not part of it already.

If MPs vote to opt into the Prüm agreement this afternoon then the police here will have access to European police DNA, fingerprint and numberplate databases and vice versa.

Catching foreign criminals will become much, much faster.

This is how the Home Office describe it:

It currently takes an average of 143 days for a DNA match to be returned through the Interpol process, compared with just 15 minutes under Prüm. Matches for fingerprints and vehicle registration information will be returned within 24 hours and 10 seconds respectively.

Home Office

10 seconds! So why aren't we in it?

Well we could have signed up last year but Theresa May said Britain didn't have the time or the money to be ready by the then December 2014 deadline.

And some Eurosceptics are concerned that opening up all the European databases will lead to too many false positives.

But with Labour in favour it looks like Parliament will vote this through this afternoon.