For the first time we now have national figures on the Vauxhall Zafira fires causing distress across the UK.

Fire service information released to ITV News shows crews have now attended hundreds of incidents involving the vehicles.

Vauxhall is recalling 235,000 of the vehicles due to the risk, that's 15,000 more than first estimated by the company.

Our research of UK fire services show 264 fires involving Zafira cars, not including arson attacks, since 2013, including:

  • 80 in London

  • 38 in the West Midlands

  • 24 in Kent

  • 18 in Lancashire

  • 14 in Greater Manchester

Vauxhall is providing free safety rectifications for all the affected vehicles, but as the vehicles are no longer manufactured there is a shortage of the parts needed. We've have been told 190,000 are still waiting for the work to be done

Vauxhall says "improper repairs" are causing these fires - not a design fault.

The car firm says it's impossible to know exactly what caused all the fires in our new figures - much of the evidence is destroyed by the flames.

Many owners are left with worries...not just about their vehicles but also about the recall system itself.

A Zafira goes up in flames. Credit: Facebook

Here are some tips from the UK fire service on what to do if a fire breaks out in your car:

  • Switch off engine

  • Release bonnet – Do Not Open

  • Get everyone out of the vehicle

  • Get far away from the vehicle and stay away, keeping onlookers and others away

  • Dial 999 and call the fire brigade

  • Warn oncoming traffic, if safe to do so

  • If and only if you believe it is safe to do so, attempt to put out the fire with a dry powder or foam extinguisher

  • If the fire is in the engine compartment, do not open the bonnet but aim the extinguisher through the radiator grille or under the edge of the bonnet

  • Use with caution and if in doubt, don’t attempt to tackle the fire

  • Never use water on an engine fire – it can short out wiring and spread burning petrol with disastrous effect

If you have one of the affected cars, you can find more information about the safety recall on the Vauxhall website.