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Women's Institute apologises to mother who was told not to breastfeed at meetings

The right for women to breastfeed in public is the subject of heightened debate. Credit: PA Wire

A branch of the Women's Institute (WI) has apologised after a mother was ordered to stop breastfeeding her baby at meetings.

Nicole Bentley said she was "absolutely disgusted" after being told she would not be welcome at meetings if she breastfed her newborn baby at the newly-formed branch in Sutton, Nottinghamshire.

Ms Bentley claimed the chairwoman had told her that the "majority" of members were against her breastfeeding during meetings.

In an angry message on Facebook, the mother said: "Absolutely disgusted in the newly formed WI in Sutton.

"I'm not welcome because I breastfeed my baby. Well you can shove your meetings up your a*** as I thought it stood for women united together but obviously not! Really disappointed."

The Nottingham Federation of the WI said it was "very sorry" for the incident, insisting Ms Bentley and her baby would be very welcome at future meetings.

Nottinghamshire Federation will always be fully in support of this right and would remind every member of the importance for new mothers to feel comfortable, safe and supported when feeding their babies with their fellow members and friends.

Sutton Belles WI is scheduled to hold its formation meeting in January/February 2016, and would be delighted to welcome all members including the Lady in question and her new baby.

– Sutton Belles WI