Comedy club offers 'Trump special': free entry for Muslim customers

Credit: Reuters

A comedy club in New York has reacted to Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the US by welcoming them into its shows free of charge.

The Experiment Comedy Gallery in the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg is offering potential customers "The Donald Trump Special".

To take advantage of the deal the only requirement is to "face Mecca and recite aloud 'The Fatiha'", the first chapter of the Quran, according to a statement on the club's website by owner Mo Fathelbab.

Those who do can then "laugh your Muslim-ass off for free, all night long".

Mr Fathelbab, who is a stand-up comic, made the offer as a light-hearted way of expressing outrage at Trump's proposal.

"I'm a Muslim-American and I'm tired of the rampant Islamophobia overtaking the campaign," Fathelbab told the Reuters news agency.

Despite worldwide outrage over his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US, Trump continues to lead the field in the Republican race for the White House.

Since making the comment has become the subject of a petition in the UK calling on the government to ban him from entering Britain.