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Archbishop of Canterbury urges Britons to 'demonstrate our shared humanity' and welcome more refugees

Archbishop of Canterbury: Britain must welcome refugees. Credit: PA

The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged the people of Britain to "demonstrate our shared humanity" and welcome more refugees.

The families coming to us from Syria will be among the most vulnerable and traumatised people affected by this crisis

This is a moment for all of us in the UK to demonstrate our shared humanity with those for whom daily life has become dominated by fear, violence and suffering.

– Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Justin Welby pointed out that Britons "have a long and wonderful history of offering shelter" and urged the Government "to be just as generous again" in helping migrants.

My experience, having worked in this area for many years, is that you very seldom meet people who want to be refugees. It is a desperate, awful, terrible existence. You leave home when the alternative is death.

– Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

The Archbishop said he would pray the people in Briton would have the "capacity" to welcome refugees, just as the UK has done "for centuries when people have turned to us in crisis".

"It's always been controversial at the time. It's always been seen as too difficult. Yet each time we have risen to the challenge and benefited from the gifts those coming to us bring," he added.