Love Actually writer Emma Freud answers fans' burning questions - including what happened to Karen and cheating Harry

Harry (Alan Rickman) with Karen (Emma Thompson) at the film's 2003 premiere Credit: Reuters

It has been more than a decade since Love Actually hit the screens, fast becoming one of the country's best-loved feel-good festive films.

And script writer Emma Freud has now answered some of the outstanding questions - did Karen and Harry make a go of it? Did he ever sleep with his secretary? And how did Martin Freeman keep his nethers warm on set?

Freud, who is dating the film's director Richard Curtis, attended a midnight screening in New York with her family - the first time Curtis had seen the movie in a theatre since its premiere - and live-tweeted the whole thing.

It was the first project they ever did together, she said, as she learned the "script editing ropes".

Here's what she revealed:

  • On Karen and Harry's ending

Emma Thompson's character weeping in her bedroom broke viewers' hearts as she learned a beautiful necklace bought by husband Harry, played by Alan Rickman, was not actually for her.

We last see them sharing an awkward kiss at the airport - but what happened next?

  • On her favourite of the love stories

Bill Nighy's bromance with his producer won it, she said.

  • On kissing

Excitedly, she informed her Twitter followers that she had been the one to choreograph the beautiful, romantic smooch between Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz.

  • On nepotism

The film is awash with family, friends, and friends of family, as they apparently kept casting close to home.

  • On nakedness

Martin Freeman's character spent very little time in his clothes for this film. But fear not - it seems he had a little sock to keep him warm.

  • On turtle necks

Oh, so many turtle necks.

The film also featured a love story between Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant
  • On Rowan the Angel

One of the deleted storylines could have prevented Karen and Harry's unhappy-ever-after, it seems, as Rowan's department store clerk was originally written as a guardian angel.