Farewell Jose Mourinho, it was fun while it lasted and you’ll be missed

Mark Austin

Former ITV News presenter

So the Special One has become the Sacked One just months after announcing he was the Happy One.

And in the not unbiased opinion of this Chelsea fan it is sad news.

But the truth is that the very character traits that make Mourinho a great football manager also make him a vulnerable one.

Mourinho is passionate, emotional and works with an intensity that very few managers share.

And while he is winning it works magnificently - just look at his haul of trophies over the years. He has a CV to compare with the very best.

Mourinho after his Chelsea side lifted the Premier League title in May. Credit: Reuters

The problem is if he starts losing. Then the intensity leads to problems with the players he feels do not buy into his methods or share his desperate desire to win. If Mourinho finds losing hard to accept ,he finds accepting the blame even harder.

Another interesting point about Mourinho is that he acquires teams rather than develops teams. He buys the team he wants and he does it brilliantly - helped by mega rich owners with the same philosophy.

He is an expert at making those teams gel quickly and win big. But it seldom lasts. He has always done well for a couple of seasons before hitting trouble.

Mourinho's side have had a disastrous season so far. Credit: Reuters
Mourinho has a huge haul of trophies - but has rarely stayed long at his clubs. Credit: Reuters
Mourinho fell out with Eva Carneiro on the opening day of the season. Credit: Reuters

Maybe if he developed a team more carefully, brought in youngsters more readily and forfeited instant success for longer term growth it would turn out differently. But that is not Jose’s way.

In truth it is not the way of football at the top of the game .This year it was key in his downfall that he failed to land John Stones from Everton and Paul Pogba.

Also the fall out with the club doctor Eva Carneiro affected the club’s stability more than was perhaps appreciated.

Mourinho during his first spell in charge at Stamford Bridge. Credit: Reuters

So perhaps it was inevitable it would end this way.

In the end the brutal truth is that the players have the fate of a manager in their hands .

Even a manager as great as Mourinho.

Farewell Jose, it was fun while it lasted and you’ll be missed.