British astronaut Tim Peake may have only been in space for three days, but he has already been busy on board the International Space Station (ISS).

By the end of his first week, he'll have been put to task unpacking and cleaning, as well as carrying out a strict fitness regime and carrying out experiments for scientists back on Earth.

Here's the schedule for his first week:

  • Tuesday

Major Peake says goodbye to his children. Credit: Reuters

Tuesday was a fairly busy day for Major Peake and his fellow crew members, who woke up in Kazakhstan and went to bed in space.

After an emotional goodbye to his wife and sons, Major Peake's Soyuz capsule blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 11.03am GMT - leaving the earth's atmosphere minutes later and arriving at the ISS at 5.34pm GMT.

He was welcomed with a hug from the three men already on board the satellite - and perhaps even more excitingly, a bacon sandwich prepared for his arrival by his commander, US astronaut Scott Kelly.

  • Wednesday

Some of the exercise equipment Major Peake will be getting to grips with. Credit: ESA

His first full day, Wednesday, was spent reviewing safety procedures on board the craft, learning and adjusting to life at zero gravity.

He was also given introductory sessions to his new home, including induction to the station's "gym" - the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED).

The ARED and the station's exercise bike is of crucial importance during time in space due to its effects on the body.

  • Thursday

Major Peake will be unpacking from the Cygnus 4 spacecraft. Credit: Nasa

On Thursday, he unpacked cargo from the Cygnus-4 spacecraft, which reached the ISS earlier this month.

During a typical day on board, astronauts - who follow Greenwich Mean Time - wake up around 6am, and start their working day with a planning conference at 7.40am.

Lunchtime is generally between midday and 2pm, depending on the schedule of the day. Work ends after a final planning conference at 7.40pm, before the astronauts have an evening meal together.

  • Friday

Peake will be giving his first space press conference on Friday.

On Friday Major Peake will continue unpacking from Cygnus.

He will, however, take a break from this task to speak to journalists, including ITV News Science Correspondent Alok Jha, via the internet during a live press conference from 2.15pm.

Throughout his time on the station, Major Peake will also be carrying out a number of experiments - including one for the Canadian Space Agency on the impact of radiation on the bone marrow.

  • Saturday

Regular cleaning is a necessity on board the ISS. Credit: Nasa

Even astronauts can't avoid chores, and on Saturday Major Peake will join the crew in "cleaning day" - giving the space station a hoover and a wipe.

This is particularly important on board the ISS because it is a closed system with zero gravity - therefore dust simply floats around indefinitely rather than falling to the floor, as it would on Earth.

Later on he will have an evening session in the ARED

  • Sunday

Star Wars could be on the agenda for the crew on Sunday. Credit: Disney

Sunday is the astronauts' only free day, though they still need to do exercise and continue their experiments.

It is not yet clear what Major Peake will choose to do with his spare time, though in a conversation on Twitter he revealed that the crew will be able to watch the new Star Wars film on board.

He will also fill in a questionnaire about headaches experienced on his journey.

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