British astronaut Tim Peake has tweeted his first picture of his view from the International Space Station (ISS).

He said: "Photo from today - not much chance to play with the camera yet! Goodnight from space."

He has had a busy schedule since joining ISS last week including a strict fitness regime and carrying out experiments for scientists back on Earth.

In his first press conference since reaching the space station, Major Peake said the "blackness of space" was the thing that surprised him most.

"We always talk about seeing the view of planet earth and how beautiful it is so you come to expect that.

"What people don't mention that much is when you look the opposite direction and you see how dark space is - I mean it's the blackest black and you see how small the Earth is in that blackness. That was a real surprise to me."

Alongside posting the picture, Major Peake also retweeted a message from Paul McCartney.

McCartney is the latest musician to send a message congratulating Major Peake on the journey.

Earlier this week Elton Johnwished him luck.

Congratulations on your great journey. My family is very excited and I am living your journey vicariously through you. Great stuff, have a brilliant, interesting and peaceful time up there.

Paul McCartney

Major Peake thanked the Beatles star and replied that all the crew on ISS are fans of the band.

It seems that space and music have something in common when it comes to breaking down barriers – certainly all the crew on the International Space Station are Beatles fans and were equally delighted when I told them you had written! With best regards (from somewhere over the Pacific!)

Tim Peake