Narco sub carrying three tons of cocaine captured in the Pacific Ocean

A "submarine-like" boat has been captured hauling three tons of cocaine in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Associated Press, the semi-submersible vessel was stopped in a joint operation between Colombian and Ecuadoran authorities, supported from the air by the US coastguard.

Three crew members were taken into custody as the sub attempted to evade capture some 200 miles (320km) from the Galapagos Islands, after a persuit lasting four days.

'Narco Subs' are used by South American cartels smuggling narcotics in an attempt to avoid naval radar and anti-drug patrols.

AP says that since 1993, almost 100 subs have been "neutralised" by authorities as they attempt to move cocaine from where it is grown in the Andes to Central America and Mexico before it is moved by land into the US.