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The five candidates to replace Sepp Blatter as Fifa president

One of these five men will be the next Fifa president. Photo: PA

The eight-year ban imposed on Michel Platini from all football activity today means there are now just five candidates vying to become the next Fifa president.

Platini was initially the favourite but his participation depended on the status of today's verdict, and the lengthy bans slapped on him and the disgraced Sepp Blatter, have effectively ruled him out.

The pair were handed the punishments following an investigation into a £1.3m payment signed off by Blatter for Platini in 2011.

Once the front runner for the job, which will be decided on February 26th 2016, Platini must now watch one of the following five men take over at world football's governing body instead.

Prince Ali is the favourite to win. Credit: Reuters

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan vows to root out corruption at football's governing body. He is the son of the late King Hussein of Jordan, and said to be a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammad. Prince Ali lost to Blatter by 130 votes to 73 in May. Now, the former Fifa vice-president can expect little backing from Europe, and few votes from Asia.

Champagne's chances are thought to be minimal. Credit: Reuters

Jerome Champagne

The former French diplomat worked under Blatter as Fifa deputy general secretary until 2010. Champagne was unable to secure backing from five associations for the May election but has managed to do so for this campaign. His manifesto includes radical ideas such as cutting European places at World Cups - but he is not thought to have a solid core of support.

Infantino has been Platini's right-hand man since 2009. Credit: PA

Gianni Infantino

He is a Swiss lawyer and was Platini's right-hand man as Uefa secretary general since 2009. Infantino would be able to withdraw if the Frenchman is cleared to run - or be a strong candidate were he unable to do so.

Sheikh Salman (centre) is the president of Asian football. Credit: Reuters

Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalif

Sheikh Salman is the president of the Asian football confederation. He originally backed Platini before deciding to enter the race himself. The Sheikh commands plenty of influence, especially in Asia and the Middle East. But he faces opposition from human rights groups about the crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners in Bahrain by the ruling Al Khalifa family.

Sexwale spent time imprisoned with Nelson Mandela. Credit: Reuters

Tokyo Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale is a South African anti-apartheid activist who spent time imprisoned on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela. He is the head of Fifa's committee on Israel and Palestine. Sexwale made a fortune through his business interests in oil and diamonds. His chances may depend on how he negotiates the notoriously difficult minefield of African football politics.

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