Storm Frank: High winds cause long delays at Belfast airport

High winds caused by Storm Frank have resulted in long delays at Belfast airport.

As well as departures, travellers also faced a wait to disembark from nine flights as wind speeds reached 55 knots (63mph).

The conditions meant it was not immediately possible to get aircraft access steps into place.

Some passengers reportedly faced delays of up to 10 hours as flights were grounded.

The airport said the disruption would have a knock-on effect on scheduled departures to Gatwick, Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester.

Jack Graham, who was delayed at Belfast for five hours, told ITV News there had been a lack of information for those waiting.

Describing the mood among passengers as "absolutely dreadful", he said: "There are no easyJet staff anywhere, no managers on site."

Passengers wait at Belfast airport. Credit: Jack Graham/Twitter

Mr Graham said "masses" of people had left after becoming disillusioned with the situation.

The Met Office has warned parts of the UK to expect heavy rain and gales as Storm Frank hits the UK, with six amber weather warnings in place.

A Belfast International Airport spokesman said: “Airport staff and Swissport personnel are doing all they can to disembark passengers.

"We understand the frustration of passengers, and those waiting in Arrivals, but we must stress that the safety of passengers and our workers is our top priority and ask for their continuing patience.

“The high wind warning lasts until the early hours of Wednesday morning. Some airlines have cancelled flights, so we would ask passengers to please contact their airline for updates.”