Man killed in dog mauling while suffering epileptic fit

Liam Hewitson died after he was mauled while suffering a fit Credit: Facebook

A man who was mauled to death by his dog after suffering an epileptic fit has been remembered as a “happy lad” and an “absolute gentleman” in tributes.

Liam Hewitson, 22, died from serious face and neck injuries after he was attacked by his dog Trigger while alone at his home in Preston, police said.

The dog, which was a male pit bull cross and not a banned breed, was put down by vets following the incident on New Year’s day.

Police have confirmed they are treating the case as a “tragic accident” and will not be launching any criminal investigation.

Mr Hewitson's family said he was popular and “always smiling” in a tribute.

Mr Hewitt’s girlfriend Jessica Hill, 23, was said to be “absolutely distraught”. In a Facebook post she wrote: "Rip my baby boy love you forever & always babe."Last night mourners carried out a candlelit vigil outside Mt Hewitt’s home, while others left piles of flowers and written tributes.

Flowers and tributes to Mr Hewitson Credit: PA

Neighbours said that that Trigger had been a "popular" dog in the area and had never shown any sign of viciousness.

Misbah Saeed, 40, said: “I would see him with the dog often, it was fine, I'd walked past it myself so many times, I'm surprised. I'm just shocked, to me the dog seemed okay."

She added: “To me he was one of the most polite, caring gentlemen, an absolute gentleman. It's a massive loss, I don't think the street will be the same again. He was an amazing person.”

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