Avalanche of snow ploughs into shoppers on busy street

Video cameras have captured the remarkable moment an avalanche of snow ploughed into a group of people on a busy shopping street in Turkey.

Security footage showed giant blocks of snow battering into the pedestrians as they chatted while others were swept off their feet.

Two women were reportedly injured after being briefly buried alive by the snow, which had fallen from the roof of a mosque in Rize province.

People on the street were shocked as the vast wave of snow descended across the pavement. Credit: APTN/DHA

People were seen desperately scrabbling at the mound of snow to aid them and others left trapped in the avalanche's wake.

The group nearest the camera turn to run as the blocks of snow fall behind them. Credit: APTN/DHA

The incidents led to angry protests at the site, with crowd members claiming the dangerous build up on the building's roof was not unexpected.

The snow crashes to the floor as more blocks closer to the camera descend. Credit: APTN/DHA

"Every year (the) same story," said one member of the crowd, while another asked: "Are you waiting for someone to die here?"

The nearest group is smashed by snow before a hazy of icy air covers the lens of the camera. Credit: APTN/DHA

Local news agency DHA reported the two injured women were recovering in hospital.