Michael Dugher sacked: Could axing a popular working class MP spell danger for Jeremy Corbyn?

The most interesting - and potentially dangerous - move in the Labour reshuffle is currently the only move: the sacking of Michael Dugher.

The former Shadow Culture Secretary and one-time spinner for Gordon Brown was sacked by Jeremy Corbyn during a phone call this morning.

The Labour leader told him that he didn't like what Mr Dugher had been saying about his leadership in recent weeks.

Mr Dugher replied that he was simply sticking up for "good colleagues" and was only taking part in the 'new politics' and open debate so championed by Mr Corbyn after his election as leader last year.

The two men clearly do not get on.

Michael Dugher - the MP for Barnsley - is very popular within the party.

In the hours after his sacking this morning, he has received public support from Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson, shadow home secretary Andy Burnham, shadow Northern Ireland minister Vernon Coaker and various other senior Labour MPs, including Lucy Powell, Jon Ashworth, Luciana Berger and Graham Jones.

Many have praised his appeal to working class voters.

While Michael Dugher isn't well known to many, his popularity within the party could prove to be a problem for Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leader enjoys huge backing from party members - but wafer thin support among Labour MPs.

And the fact that Mr Corbyn's deputy has openly spoken of Michael Dugher as a "talented working class MP" rather suggests this sacking may stoke up some anger and store further resentment within the parliamentary party.