A short term fix but is this a long term solution for Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn was unable to sack Hilary Benn after as many as eight frontbenchers threatened to resign if he did. Credit: PA

So after a 30 hour reshuffle - which resulted in two sackings and one moving chair - is Jeremy Corbyn weakened or has he ensured he got his way?

Certainly he has neutralised the internal criticism around the Shadow Cabinet table: Hilary Benn can no longer speak his mind; Pat McFadden and Michael Dugher are out.

And by moving pro-Trident Maria Eagle from the Defence role and replacing her with anti-Trident Emily Thornberry, the Labour leader has ensured his view will prevail when the party concludes its review of the nuclear deterrent.

So in that sense Mr Corbyn has strengthened his hand.

But this is not the huge shake-up his team briefed it would be.

He was unable to sack Hilary Benn as Shadow Foreign Secretary. Mostly because, as one Shadow Minister told us, as many as eight members of the frontbench threatened to walk out if his did so.

Maria Eagle was replaced by Emily Thornberry whose anti-Trident views chime with Jeremy Corbyn's viewpoint on nuclear arms. Credit: PA

Another member of the Shadow Cabinet said this morning that their aim to was to force Jeremy Corbyn to keep Mr Benn in his post and Rosie Winterton as chief whip.

And to ensure Maria Eagle stayed in the Shadow Cabinet even if she had to lose the Defence brief.

So to that end, this Shadow Minister claimed, it was mission accomplished for those who oppose Mr Corbyn.

And the criticism of his leadership will continue in the parliamentary party.

Many MPs chose to express their anger on Twitter and elsewhere in support of their sacked colleagues.

Some of it was written by the deputy leader Tom Watson and the Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham.

He may find this is a short-term fix to stem the criticism from the front bench, but it won't be a long term solution.

And nor does it chime with the 'new politics' in which debate and dissent was to be welcomed rather than quashed.

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