Thousands face starvation in besieged Syrian town of Madaya

Thousands of people face starving to death in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya.

Just a few years ago, Madaya was a popular holiday resort among the Damascus well-to-do, lying just 30 miles from the capital.

Today it is under siege from regime forces and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, with residents cut off and unable to escape.

WARNING: Some readers may find images in this report upsetting

People have been boiling grass to eat.

Those trapped there say they have no food, no water and no electricity and have begged for help from the outside world.

The very young are the most vulnerable, with small children being fed water mixed with jam because nothing else is available.

In hospital, babies are kept alive with medicine and injections of sugar and salt.

Malnutrition has become the biggest problem, with children going a week without eating.

Everything comes at a premium in Madaya, with a kilo of rice now costing £170.

Madaya lies near the Syrian border with Lebanon. Credit: Google Maps

Such is the desperation, people have been seen boiling blades of grass to eat.

Starvation has become a weapon of war in Syria, and innocent people are its victims.

Until recently, Madaya was a popular holiday destination.