Briton 'repeatedly told UK police Arthur Simpson-Kent was in Ghanaian town'

A Briton in Ghana has told ITV News she warned UK detectives for three days that the man wanted in connection with Sian Blake's murder was hiding out in a small town in the west of the country.

Karole Ainoo, who runs a café in Busua, said she and her husband befriended Arthur Simpson-Kent before discovering who he was.

She described him as "celebrating, enjoying himself and laughing" as they spent time together during the festive season.

It was only when a friend showed Mrs Ainoo a picture of Simpson-Kent online that she realised he was wanted for questioning over the former EastEnders actress' murder.

She told ITV News she warned British detectives for three days that the fugitive was in Busua, but they did nothing.

"I'm saying to the police, you need to get somebody here, you need to come, you need to do something because he's here and if you don't he'll disappear," she said.

Simpson-Kent was captured on a remote beach on Saturday after arriving in Ghana on December 19.

He fled the UK three days after being questioned about the disappearance of Ms Blake and her two young sons, Zachary, eight, and four year-old Amon. Their bodies were discovered buried in the garden of the family's home in Erith, Kent on January 5.

Arthur Simpson-Kent in custody in Ghana. Credit: RTV

While in Busua, he still went by the name Arthur Simpson.

Describing what Simpson-Kent was like during their time together, Mrs Ainoo said: "Partying, celebrating, enjoying himself, laughing, a conversationalist, very gently spoken, very well-mannered, very well-spoken."

Ghanaian officials have said they are "awaiting an official request" for his extradition.

Arthur Simpson-Kent was captured on this remote beach. Credit: ITV News