MPs to debate replacing God Save The Queen with England's own sporting anthem

MPs are to debate whether to drop God Save The Queen for England at sporting events and replace it with the country's own anthem.

God Save The Queen, the anthem for the whole UK, is currently sung before various sporting events involving English teams.

However, Wales and Scotland have their own songs and Labour MP Toby Perkins thinks England should do the same, introducing an anthem celebrating all things English.

His bill will be debated in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

A number of alternatives to God Save The Queen have been suggested, including Land of Hope and Glory, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Jerusalem.

Former British athlete and Olympic medal winner Roger Black told Good Morning Britain said God Save The Queen is one of the best anthems in the world, but that Scottish and Welsh often showed more passion when singing their anthems.

He said: "It has to stir passion, it has to make you well up with pride."