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Donald Trump Jam: Presidential hopeful enlists child cheerleaders for 'bizarre' anthem

Donald Trump has yet again astonished the world after enlisting young cheerleaders for a "bizarre" official song entitled the "Donald Trump Jam".

The song, performed by a child trio dubbed the "Freedom Kids", was performed for the first time at a rally in Pensacola, Florida on Wednesday, shortly before the businessman was due to address supporters.

The lyrics reference themes such as "freedom" and states: "President Donald Trump knows how to make America great".

The enthusiastic performance saw the crowd begin to clap in time, and opens with the following lyrics:

Cowardice Are you serious? Apologies for freedom, I can't handle this.

When freedom rings, answer the call! On your feet, stand up tall! Freedom's on our shoulders, USA!

Enemies of freedom face the music, C'mon boys, take them down. President Donald Trump knows how to make America great: Deal from strength or get crushed every time.

– The Official Donald Trump Jam

The video prompted a baffled reaction from many of those who viewed it, some of whom likened it to the staged performances in North Korean.

Despite the lukewarm reception for the video online, Mr Trump's support appears to continue unabated - a recent Reuters poll put him on 39% of the vote among Republican supporters, with Ted Cruz, the next closest candidate, back on 15.6%.