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Hoax posters lead to fears of killer snake at London's King's Cross Station

Posters warning the public of the lost killer snake sparked an RSPCA investigation in the area around King's Cross Station. Credit: SWNS

Posters that sparked fears a deadly snake was on the loose at one of London's main railway stations have turned out to be a hoax.

The RSPCA was forced to investigate after public concern over what proved to be a fictitious black mamba reported missing near King's Cross Station in posters with a banner headline of "lost snake".

The pictures pinned to trees and lampposts claimed the "highly venomous" killer, which it named Rosie, had made a break for freedom 10 days ago.

Members of the public were urged to check under car seats, bed sheets, behind toilets and in washing machines for a snake whose poison can kill a human within 20 minutes of being bitten.

A new poster later pinned to trees in the area confirmed the claims of a lost snake had been fake.

"Dear residents, There is not a snake called 'Rosie' on the loose. The poster was a HOAX. Sorry for any distress caused," it read.

A replacement sheet of A4 pinned to trees confirmed the original posters had been untruthful. Credit: SWNS