Wikipedia's most edited pages: George W Bush beats WWE in top 15 birthday list

The Wikipedia article on former US president George W Bush has been confirmed as the most edited English-language page in the website's 15-year history.

Bush narrowly topped pages listing WWE wrestlers, the United States and Wikipedia itself in a list published as the publically curated encyclopedia celebrates a landmark year.

The list of WWE wrestlers was a surprise topic for repeat editing by the public. Credit: PA Images

Michael Jackson's page was the second-most edited for a personality in 5th, while Jesus, Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler were all in the top 10.

Eleventh-placed Britney Spears beat World War II (12th) and The Beatles (14th).

Bush's page had been edited 45,862 times, compared to 42,836 edits to the "list of WWE personnel", to top the list.

The top 15 most edited pages in Wikipedia's first 15 years. Credit: Wikimedia

In 2014 the Bush Jr page was named as "the most controversial topic on the English Wikipedia", five years after he left the White House having served his two terms.

The site confirmed the article dedicated to the 43rd US president is now rated as "good" after a substantial "community vetting process".

By Wikipedia's standard the "good" page must be "written very well, contain factually accurate and verifiable information, (be) broad in coverage, neutral in point of view, stable, and illustrated, where possible, by relevant images with suitable copyright licenses."

Wikipedia confirmed the list in a blog post on its Wikimedia site.