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Sir Kenneth Branagh says film world must do more to recognise ethnic minority actors after Oscars snub

Sir Kenneth Branagh with Dame Judi Dench Credit: PA

Sir Kenneth Branagh has said the film industry "has to do something" about a lack of recognition for black or ethnic minority actors after the nominations for the main Oscars categories were an all-white affair.

The actor highlighted work by Idris Elba's work on Beasts Of No Nation as an example of a "fantastic" performance that had not been recognised by the award organisers.

"It's surprising and I think we have to do something about it," he said when asked about the issue at the London Critics' Circle Film Awards.

Sir Kenneth, whose credits include Valkyrie and My Week with Marilyn, maintained nevertheless that "talent will out" in the end.

Branagh said Idris Elba had done "fantastic" work that was not recognised Credit: PA

I think it's always the case with awards that work that you want to have recognised is sometimes ignored and other things that surprise you.

For instance, Idris Elba gave a fantastic performance this year amongst many. But he'll be recognised and other people will be. Talent will out.

– Sir Kenneth Branagh

Kate Winslet was more cautious, saying that there "probably should have been" more black and minority actors nominated in the Oscars.

"Whenever that happens it surprises me," she added.

Will Smith, who stars in American football drama Concussion, also missed out Credit: Reuters

It comes after the Revenant director Alejandro González Iñárritu told ITV News he was dismayed by the lack of diversity in the film world.

British actor David Harewood has also said Academy Award nominees should attend next month's ceremony "in blackface" to highlight the issue of diversity.