Reports: Five soldiers killed in French Alps avalanche

Five soldiers were killed in an avalanche in the French Alps, police sources said. Credit: PA

Five soldiers were killed today in an avalanche as they were training in the French Alps, AFP reported.

They were among a group of 50 soldiers who were skiing near to the resort of Valfrejus near the Italian border.

According to the local newspaper, around 50 soldiers were believed to have been taking part in an exercise in an off-piste area at the time the avalanche struck, at around 2pm local time.

A major rescue operation involving helicopters is currently underway but it is currently not know whether any soldiers are missing.

The incident happens just days after two French school pupils and a Ukrainian skier died after an avalanche in the nearby Deux Alpes ski resort.

Five soldiers were killed in an avalanche near the resort of Valfreju. Credit: Google Map