Parents told off for sending children to Yeovil school 'dirty and unkempt'

Parents have been rebuked for sending their children to school "dirty and unkempt" Credit: Eddie Keogh/Reuters

Parents of pupils at a school in Yeovil have received a stern telling off for poor parenting after sending their children to class in "a pretty shocking state".

A letter sent home to parents of children at St Michael's Academy in Somerset rebuked them after some pupils turned up this Monday "dirty, unkempt and not in appropriate school uniform, if in any uniform at all."

The letter, which is on the school's website, begins by thanking all the parents who send their children to school looking "clean and tidy and ready for their school week", but then addresses what it calls a "poor indictment of the parenting skills of some of our families".

Some parents were even accused of not bothering to get out of bed to see their children off to school.

There are also a lot of children who are getting themselves up in the morning and in to school as their parents are still in bed. In a country where there is plentiful running water and washing machines, and shops like Tesco offering entire school uniforms for £10, it is a pretty poor indictment of the parenting skills of some of our families.

Letter to parents from St Michael's Academy, Yeovil

The letter ends with a warning that next week parents of children not in full school uniform will be receiving a phone call.

St Michael's Academy refused to comment.