Arnold Schwarzenegger cycles on wrong side of the road in Edinburgh

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared to forget he was in the UK as he cycled up the wrong side of the road during a visit to Edinburgh.

The Terminator star, 68, startled Scots by cycling around Edinburgh on a hire bike while posing for pictures with fans.

After leaving the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Schwarzenegger went on a brief sightseeing tour and took selfies in front of Edinburgh Castle.

But he appeared to disregard UK traffic laws and whizzed down the city's busy Lothian Road into two lanes of oncoming traffic during rush hour.

He came out of his hotel and went for a bike ride. He was driving on the wrong side of the road. It was dangerous.

An onlooker

Schwarzenegger later took to social media and tweeted: "My first Edinburgh bike ride. A beautiful city!"

He then went on to a meet and greet event with fans where tickets were selling for up to £1,500.

Schwarzenegger told fans: "I have never been to Scotland or Edinburgh before but the next time I come I'll be able to say it's great to be back."