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'Remote island seeks farmer' and other bizarre jobs

Tristan da Cunha is so remote that it only has one village Credit: ITV News

One of the world's most remote inhabited islands is on the lookout for a new farmer, but with just one village and a population of only 265 people moving there may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Tristan da Cunha, which is located in the South Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and South Africa, posted an advert for the role of 'agricultural adviser' on the National Farmers' Union website with the hopes of attracting a candidate who can help advise on development of livestock and agriculture.

According to the posting " the island would benefit from reducing its reliance on imported foodstuffs to become more self sufficient" and needs someone with "knowledge and expertise to assist in increasing the production of fruit and vegetables and the development of livestock".

ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar reports:

Unique as the role may sound though it is not the first time an unusual job has come up for grabs, in the past there have been adverts for everything from a chocolate taster to a paintball tester.

Here we take a look at some of the more weird and wonderful jobs out there for adventurous candidates:

  • Chocolate taster

Scottish firm Mackie's advertised for a chief taster in November with the promise of monthly supplies of chocolate for the successful candidate to "taste, test, lick and sook on the couch at home".

Chocolate-lovers were invited to apply for the Credit: Mackie's
  • Paintball tester

A rather unusual job advert for a paintball tester received more than 10,000 applicants in January 2015 with people from all across the globe wanting to try their hand at the job.

One applicant boasted that they could break a watermelon with their head and another said he was fat so easier to aim for in a bid to get the job Credit: PA
  • Island caretaker

Touted as the "best job in the world" a six-month job opportunity came up on Queensland's Hamilton Island offered a live-in position which involved exploring the area and reporting back on what it had to offer.

The role of island caretaker on Hamilton Island was touted as the Credit: Tourism Queensland
  • Christmas tree light untangler

Supermarket chain Tesco found themselves in need of a Christmas tree light untangler this festive season and promptly advertised for someone with "a friendly helpful demeanour, oodles of patience and of course, the innate knack to be able to untangle even the most scrambled of wires".

Would you have the patience to untangle Christmas tree lights? Credit: PA
  • Wookey Hole witch

The owners of Wookey Hole caves in Somerset were so keen to get a perfect replacement for their resident witch they even advertised the job in Eastern Europe.

A witch at the Wookey Hole Credit: PA
  • Mars mission candidates

Ever fancied going into space but not sure how to get there, well turns out thousands of others feel the same as over 10,000 applied for a one way mission to Mars that was advertised by NASA.

The Mars mission drew thousands of candidates Credit: Mars One Project
  • Water slide tester

Those with a love of water were encouraged to apply for the role of water slide tester back in 2013 as travel company First Choice looks for an employee who would be happy to accept a post "where 'going to work' means donning your swimming gear and hurtling down waterslides".

Take the plunge? First Choice advertised for a water slide tester a few years ago Credit: Reuters
  • Australia's Chief Funster

Wannabe adventurers, rangers and photographers were advertised for as part of a promotion by Tourism Australia to get people into the so-called best jobs in the world. The key draw was the 'chief funster' position which involved being a "professional party-goer and VIP: planning and attending concerts and parties".

Credit: Tourism Australia
  • John O'Groats signpost photographer

The owners of the iconic signs at Land’s End and John O’Groats launched a frantic search for an official photographer to take pictures of tourists with the famous signposts last year after their snapper of 16 years retired.

The Lands End sign has its own official snapper Credit: David Davies/PA
  • Police officer on the quiet Scilly Isles

An advert for a job on the very quiet Scilly Isles peaked the interest of many a bobby after the previous holder of the post boasted it was "one of the most enviable policing post in the UK or even the world".

One of the views the lucky candidate was told to expect on the Isles Credit: Isles of Scilly Police/Facebook