Late polar explorer Henry Worsley's fundraising tops £200,000

Explorer Henry Worsley Credit: Family handout / PA

The explorer Henry Worsley who died following a record-breaking Antarctic crossing attempt has raised more than double his fundraising target of £100,000.

The 55-year-old Army veteran died on Sunday after being airlifted off the ice, a mere 30-miles short of his goal - to complete the unfinished journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton on the 100th anniversary of his expedition.

The fundraising page now stands at £209,038, including Gift Aid, with donations flooding in following news of his death. Donors have also been leaving messages on his Virgin Money Giving page.

Henry Worsley's fundraising page

He had already raised more than his target £100,000 for the Endeavour Fund, which helps wounded service personnel, when he radioed for help having walked 913 miles unaided over 70 days.

Henry once carried Shackleton's compass to complete the Nimrod 97 miles 'short' expedition. Hope, one day, someone will take Henry's compass and complete his magnificent journey.

Philip Bowers Coulson

I had the privilege of serving with Col Henry briefly with 2RGJ in Kosovo and was greatly saddened by the news of his death. What better epitaph than service and sacrifice for the benefit of so many others.

Philip Smith

So near! Such an inspirational man. I am sure his death will not be in vain and the money raised will give help and incentive to all those he wished to help.

Elika Gibbs
The Duke of Cambridge with the former Army officer Henry Worsley Credit: PA

The Duke of Cambridge, who is Patron of The Shackleton Solo Expedition said: "We have lost a friend, but he will remain a source of inspiration to us all, especially those who will benefit from his support to the Endeavour Fund."