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Lottery bosses 'will take action' against fraudsters who try and con them out of £33m jackpot

Lottery bosses have warned they will take action against people who try to defraud them out of a massive £33 million jackpot.

Camelot said it would act if it believed someone had "intentionally attempted to defraud the National Lottery".

Hundreds of people have come forward claiming to have a lost, damaged or stolen ticket with the six winning numbers, including a grandmother who said she put hers through the wash.

Camelot said it was considering each claim on a "case-by-case basis" after confirming the winning ticket was bought in Worcester.

With prizes of this size, it's perfectly normal to receive lots of claims from people who genuinely think that they may have mislaid or thrown away what they believe was the winning ticket.

That's what we're seeing now - and we are looking into all of these claims as part of our efforts to find the rightful ticket-holder.

However, if we believe that somebody has intentionally attempted to defraud the National Lottery, then, just like any other company, we reserve the right to take whatever action we consider is appropriate.

– A Camelot spokeswoman

John Plimmer, a former detective at West Midlands Police, said anyone caught making a fraudulent claim could face jail.

He told the Mirror: "If there is evidence someone deliberately tried to con Camelot to get their hands on £33 million then obviously that's a crime.

"They wouldn't have to successfully claim the money to be found guilty. Anyone convicted could be looking at a heavy custodial sentence."