How Oprah Winfrey earned $12.5 million from a tweet about bread

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is certainly not short of dough - and now she's managed to make $12.5 million (£8.7 million) from a single tweet about bread.

The internationally renowned US TV presenter and ambassador for Weight Watchers saw her 10% stock in the diet firm soar after she posted a 66-character tweet about how to eat bread and still lose weight.

Shortly before the 61-year-old posted the tweet to her 31 million followers on Tuesday, stocks in the firm stood at $11.35 a share.

By end of trading that day, the shares closed at $13.29.

In a 30-second video clip she claims she lost 26lbs by eating bread every day on a Weight Watchers plan,

"I don't deny myself," she tells her fans.

When Winfrey announced she was taking a stake in the firm last year, shares jumped more than 100%, making the star $70 million.

Forbes ranks Winfrey as the 211th richest person in America.