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'Two or three payslips from a brick wall': Once well-off workers now using food banks as oil slump hits Aberdeen

Dave Simmers from the Aberdeen Food Bank Partnership Credit: ITV News

The once booming city of Aberdeen has been hit hard by the North Sea oil slump - so hard the Westminster and Holyrood governments are pledging a £500 million boost to the city.

As the price of crude oil has fallen dramatically, job losses in the region are estimated at 65,000, while the number of people turning to food banks is on the rise.

Dave Simmers, from the Aberdeen Food Bank Partnership, told ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler people now using its services once earned an attractive salary in the famously well-paid sector.

Mechelle Clark has lost her job in the oil industry twice in nine months. She told ITV News "It's demeaning, it's demoralising - but what choice have you got? You've just got to stay motivated."

David Cameron announced funding for a £250 million city deal, which includes plans to boost innovation in the crucial North Sea oil and gas sector and funding of £20 million for seismic surveys in a bid to boost exploration and uncover new oil fields.

Speaking in Aberdeen, Mr Cameron said: "Obviously it's a difficult time for the oil industry because of the oil price decline, but what this shows is that the British Government is 100% behind this industry, behind Aberdeen, behind Scotland in making the best of the opportunities we have.

"A £250 million city deal - that's good news for Aberdeen we want to see this port expand, we want to see an energy innovation centre, we want to help Aberdeen to diversify its industrial base. This is real cash behind a vital industry for Scotland and for Britain."

Credit: ITV News

The Scottish Government is pledging £254 million to improve infrastructure in the area over the next five to 10 years, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon saying she will press Westminster for more cash.

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing described the prime minister's statement as "incredibly disappointing"

"The substance of the Prime Minister's announcement contains very few new measures, and he has missed an opportunity to provide the sector with assurance that it needs," Mr Ewing said.