Timeline: Tracking Tareena Shakil's journey to Syria to join Islamic State

Tareena Shakil Credit: West Midlands Police

Tareena Shakil has been convicted of taking her young son to Syria to join the so-called Islamic State.

Here are the key events leading up to Shakil's journey to Syria and her eventual flight from IS territory:


  • January - Tareena Shakil enrols on a Hospitality HND course at the London School of Business and Finance, Birmingham campus, and gets a student loan. Her last attendance is recorded the following month.

  • May - She applies for a passport for her son, and receives the travel documents the following month.

  • July 25th - Shakil posts an image on her Facebook account in support of the Free Palestine campaign.

  • July 26th - Her estranged husband leaves to go to Yemen and tells her he wants to start "a new life", a decision she said left her "broken".

  • August 3th - Shakil changes her Facebook cover image to a photo of the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith.

  • August 4th - The Facebook profile picture is changed to that of a banner bearing a jihadi slogan.

  • August 9th - Shakil changes her Facebook cover and profile images to those of the black flag of terror group Islamic State (IS), known as Isis. She gives evidence in her trial that she was not aware of its association with IS, at that time.

  • September 17th - She books a £400 seven-day holiday in Turkey for her and her son, flying in October from East Midlands Airport.

  • October 15th - She tweets a photo of doves flying with an IS flag with the words "Carry that flag, birdies". During her trial she said it represented Islam as "the religion of peace".

  • October 20th - Shakil and her son board a flight bound for Antalya in Turkey, having told many of her friends and family she is off on a beach holiday.

  • October 22nd - Shakil and the son take an internal flight to the Turkish border city of Gaziantep. Later that day in a message to a relative, Shakil writes: "We will meet again either here or heaven I will be looking forward to that moment all my life x. I did this for all of us... you will understand why one day... I left to build us all a house in heaven allah promised us heaven if we sacrifice our worldly life x. I'm not coming back."

  • October 24th - She tells a friend "We r now in Syria, living there". The same day, her father Mohammed Shakil reports his daughter missing to police and a counter-terror investigation is launched.

  • October 25th - West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit (WMCTU) officers search Shakil's home in Beechfield Road, Birmingham and find farewell notes in English and Arabic, written in her hand.

  • October 29th - Shakil and her son arrive in the de facto IS capital of Raqqa in northern Syria, a city protected by up to 5,000 jihadi fighters.

Shakil, 26, was convicted after a two-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court. Credit: West Midlands Police


  • January 6th - Shakil googles the term "I want to leave Isis" six times, along with searches for maps of the area, and a distance converter.

  • January 7th - Shakil, travelling with her young son, travels by road to the Turkish border. She dashes for 1km across fields and barbed wire, under the noses of an IS patrol and escapes into Turkey where she is picked up by a friendly patrol. She and her son spend weeks in a detention centre.

  • February 18th - WMCTU officers board a Turkish Airlines flight landing at Heathrow Airport and arrest Shakil.

Tareena Shakil will be sentenced on Monday for taking her young son to Syria to join IS. Credit: West Midlands Police