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Tattoo artist offers free tattoos of Donald Trump

Bob Holmes is offering tattoos of Donald Trump for free Credit: Bob Holmes/Clay Dragon Tattoo

A tattoo artist who believes Donald Trump holds the key to the future of the US is offering free tattoos of the Republican presidential hopeful.

Bob Holmes has never voted before but said he believes Trump is the candidate who can take the US forward.

He said he had already tattooed 14 customers who had asked for a portrait of Trump or one of his slogans.

Bob Holmes said he has already inked a number of customers with images or slogans or Trump Credit: Bob Holmes/Clay Dragon Tattoo

Speaking to a local TV channel in the US, Holmes said: "No matter what way of life you have, no matter what you do for a living, how can you not like Donald Trump?

"For the future of this country, how can you not?"

Donald Trump slogan tattoos have proved popular Credit: Bob Holmes/Clay Dragon Tattoo

Trump has caused controversy with proposals such as vowing to ban Muslims from entering the US and claiming parts of London are "so radicalisedthe police are afraid for their lives".

More than half a million people in the UK signed a petition calling for him to be banned from entering the country.

Holmes, who runs Clay Dragon Tattoo in Seabrook, New Hampshire, said: "He's not a politician. He says every single thing that every person is thinking, but doesn't have the guts to say it.

He added: "As a business owner, I like the fact that he's a business owner and that this country has to start to run like that."