Kate Winslet: Jack could have fitted on that floating door in Titanic

Kate Winslet has broken her silence on an issue that has divided Titanic fans for nearly 20 years - Jack could have fitted on that floating door with Rose and survived.

In the closing scenes of James Cameron's 1997 Oscar-winning tearjerker, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) freezes to death in the Atlantic after it appeared there was not enough room for both of them to take shelter.

Jack's death has long been a source of frustration for moviegoers, with many believing both could have squeezed on and eventually lived happily ever after together.

And finally on Monday, Winslet confessed that Jack could have survived and that her character had hogged the piece of wood.

“There was plenty of room on the raft,” US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel told the British actress.

Winslet replied: “I agree - I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door.”