Larry Sanders: 'The path to the White House is open for Bernie'

Bernie Sanders brother believes he can go all the way to the White House Credit: .

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Emma Murphy.

The 'path to the White House' is open to US senator Bernie Sanders, his brother has declared as the democratic presidential candidate's campaign continues to gain steam.

Speaking to ITV News' Emma Murphy the day after his brother narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton - his main challenger for his party's nomination - at the Iowa Caucauses, Larry Sanders said his sibling had what it took to go all the way.

I thought he would do very well, I was even hoping he'd do even better, but the crucial thing is that he's now on the map and the path as they say to the White House is open.

Larry Sanders

Continuing to champion his brother the elder Sanders said that what his brother stood for and why he stood for it was the reason he believed he was destined to become "a world significant person".

But what did Larry, a former Green Party candidate in the UK, think was making the Sanders campaign such a success with the American public?

Well according to his brother, to put it simply Bernie's a "hard hitting pro-people candidate" whose tough childhood, growing up without much money in Brooklyn, New York, means he can connect with the everyday American.

Bernard is genuinely angry, more than angry at what he sees being done to people for no good reason , just so some people who already have a billion can have two. And it's not just the United States, it applies to Britain and other countries. We've had 30 or 40 years in which wealth and power and money and income have been redistributed from the bulk of the puplation to the very richest people.

Larry Sanders
Larry Sanders, left, and his brother Bernie did not have much money growing up in New York Credit: .