Man confirmed missing from plane which had hole blown in its side in Somalia

The cause of the blast has still not been confirmed Credit: Harun Maruf

One passenger has been confirmed missing from a plane that was forced to land after a blast blew a hole in its side shortly after take off in Mogadishu, Somalia.

It was thought the body of an elderly man, found in a field in a nearby town, was that of a passenger on the flight.

Video report by ITV News' Faye Barker

The cause of the explosion on Tuesday's flight has not yet been confirmed, but investigators have reportedly said it was likely caused by a bomb.

Apart from the missing passenger, two people suffered minor injuries and 74 passengers were evacuated from the plane after it landed safely.

The damage from inside the aircraft Credit: Harun Maruf

Daallo Airlines CEO Mohamed Ibrahim Yasin Olad told the BBC Somali service the missing man has been identified from the plane's manifest.