China's robot revolution could be threat to human workforce

China's robot revolution is on the rise.

Whether they entertain, serve food, pack methodically or work to assemble cars, robotics have become a part of life in China.

But their efficiency is becoming a threat with fears that robots will replace human labour in factories in the next decade.

Factory owners are investing in machinery as wages and labour costs rise.

And the figures to employers are attractive: several automated machines cost a one off payment of £40,000 but the equivalent cost output using human labour costs £50,000 a year.

The growth of automation could bring serious social consequences. Credit: ITV News

Workers are looking over their shoulders, frightened that they will lose their job to a machine.

Many plan to adapt to learn how to operate the machines so that they remain indispensable.

The growth of automation in China could bring serious social consequences in a country where growth is needed to maintain stability.