David Beckham sends surprise 'get well soon' message

Video report by ITV News Reporter Damon Green

A teenager with Cystic Fibrosis was surprised when one of her favourite celebrities David Beckham sent her a 'get well soon' message.

The footballer sent Chloe Hopkins a video message while she was in hospital for two weeks having some regular treatment.

Now, she hopes the message will help her campaign to change English laws on organ donation.

"It's the best thing I could have seen," she said. "I'm still in shock now that he even knows who I am. It's just amazing."

The 19-year-old was born with the condition that makes it impossible to breathe normally which could one day cost her her life.

She needs a double lung transplant otherwise she has just two years to live.

Now she is campaigning for English laws on organ donation to change so that people are automatically put on the list unless they opt out.

Describing that her breathing is like "breathing through a straw every day" she said that anyone in her position or with friends and family going through the same would be desperate for an organ donor.

"Not a lot of people are on the list, so why not sign up and be an organ donor," she said.